Two Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying Weightlifting Clothes

14 November 2019
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If you are interested in weightlifting and are about to buy some weightlifting clothes, you should try to keep these tips in mind when buying these garments. Take a friend with you and do some stretching when you try on the garments It's important to invite a friend along with you when you shop for the weightlifting garments and to then do a few stretches when you are trying on different items. Read More 

Why you should consider providing workwear to your employees

25 February 2019
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More and more employers are providing their workers with clothing to wear at work instead of their own clothes. What are the benefits of doing so? Safety The biggest advantage is that it helps employers to fulfil their obligations to provide for their workers' health and safety. This includes providing hi-vis clothing to people who may be working in conditions of low visibility, and exposed to hazards caused by machinery and traffic. Read More