The Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make When Buying Hi Vis Work Shirts

23 April 2020
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High-visibility clothing (traditionally spelled hi vis) is a vital safety measure for millions of hardworking Australians around the country, from those in mining and construction to those working with animals at a zoo. What you may not realise when buying your first hi vis work shirts is that there are many different classes of hi vis workwear and not all are created equal. Just like in any industry, there are cheap knock-offs, and the last thing you want to do is be caught out wearing something not compliant with regulations. Here are a few mistakes you should always try to avoid when shopping for hi vis work shirts.

Getting The Wrong Clothing For The Job

Australia has stringent workplace health and safety laws, which have saved many lives throughout history and continues to keep people safe to this day. When it comes to hi vis clothing, there are different levels of effectiveness and some hi vis can only be used during the day. Other hi vis only works at night time where it will reflect any light that bounces off of it. Still, others can be used during the day and night. It is essential you consider your specific environment and work hours before you make your decision as to which hi vis work shirts you should buy and make sure to get the appropriately rated class. 

There Are Fakes Out There

Good quality hi vis work shirts will last you for many years before they need to be replaced. That is because they are built of sturdy fabrics which support the hi vis surface while also being comfortable to wear in severe conditions. That means that a good hi vis shirt can cost upwards of $50 and some run into the hundreds of dollars for the more specific and premium varieties. The most obvious immediate sign of a fake hi vis shirt will be the cost as they will be far cheaper than most hi vis work shirts. 

Using A Shirt For Too Long

The hi vis material on your shirt is quite robust, but it does have an expiry date. Washing, constant wear and bleaching from the sun will all affect your hi vis work shirts, and at some point, they will stop being as useful as they once were. There will be many warning signs in the build-up to this point, and you will feel the material degrading over the years. Make sure to ask your co-workers if they notice a drop in reflective quality and always be more proactive than you have to be. It is better to be safe than sorry!

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