Two Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying Weightlifting Clothes

14 November 2019
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If you are interested in weightlifting and are about to buy some weightlifting clothes, you should try to keep these tips in mind when buying these garments.

Take a friend with you and do some stretching when you try on the garments

It's important to invite a friend along with you when you shop for the weightlifting garments and to then do a few stretches when you are trying on different items. This is because most clothing designed for weightlifting enthusiasts is form-fitting and stretchy.

If you're going to wear very tight clothing like this whilst weightlifting, you must ensure that it does not become see-through when you perform movements that cause the fabric to stretch. For instance, you probably won't want the shorts or gym trousers you wear whilst doing a barbell squat to become see-through when they're stretched, as this could result in you feeling self-conscious about the possibility of too much of your lower body being on display when you do this particular move.

Worrying about this type of embarrassing incident happening every time you go to the gym could be a major distraction that could hinder your progression as an amateur weightlifter and make your weightlifting sessions unnecessarily stressful. However, if you get a friend to look at certain pieces of clothing on your body whilst you try them on and do some stretches, they will be able to tell you if parts of the fabric become transparent when it is stretched out.

Factor in how much you will perspire whilst weightlifting when picking out these clothes

People who are new to weightlifting often don't take perspiration into consideration when picking out clothes for this activity, as they associate extreme perspiration with cardio-heavy workouts that involve things like rowing or running. However, a long and intense weightlifting session will actually leave most people covered in perspiration. As such, you should pick garments that you will still feel comfortable in, even after you have worked up a sweat.

For example, it might be best to steer clear of light-coloured clothing if you usually get self-conscious when you have noticeable sweat patches on your outfit, as the moisture your body generates will leave dark and fairly visible patches on these light-coloured items. You might also want to buy tops with low-cut armholes so that the perspiration produced by your underarms doesn't completely saturate the sides of your tops.