Why you should consider providing workwear to your employees

25 February 2019
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More and more employers are providing their workers with clothing to wear at work instead of their own clothes. What are the benefits of doing so?


The biggest advantage is that it helps employers to fulfil their obligations to provide for their workers' health and safety. This includes providing hi-vis clothing to people who may be working in conditions of low visibility, and exposed to hazards caused by machinery and traffic. The clothing is made from special materials that reflect light from all angles, and are therefore highly reflective. Many accidents can be avoided if people are fully visible at all times, and hi-vis clothing will also make workers easier to find after an accident that has taken place.

You may also want to provide reinforced boots if there is a risk of foot injury. Objects dropped on the foot can cause excruciating pain, and any injury could cause mobility problems among your workforce. Providing the right boots for the job can vastly decrease the risk of injury.


Another advantage of providing workwear is that you can ensure that your company name and logo is clearly visible. It costs very little to have this embroidered onto a shirt, and the result is that your employees become a walking advert for your business. Your customers will find it easier to find someone if they have an inquiry, and if your staff do a good job, customers will associate the name with good service. You can also include contact details such as a website or a phone number, and you may find yourself attracting new business just through your employees' clothing.


Temperatures vary, and summer can be a particularly difficult time for your employees as they have to work in stifling temperatures. Providing comfortable summer clothing will ensure that you can get the best out of your workers and that they will not suffer too much from perspiration or heatstroke. Similarly, in the winter, you will want to ensure that they are warm enough to carry out their roles without shivering in front of your customers. If you kit them out in clothing appropriate to the season you will know that your workforce is comfortable and that this is reflected in the quality of their work.

So think about providing your employees with smart and comfortable workwear, and you could be rewarded with a happier and more productive workforce.