Being clever about your travelling corporate wardrobe

1 July 2016
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If you are regularly travelling for work it's important to keep in mind travel pressures when choosing your corporate wear. Here are some tips to keep in mind. 

Buy a suit bag

If you need to wear suits or other heavy clothing such as blazers and lined dresses it's a good idea to keep these in suit bags. That limits the amount of crushing and accidental marking of clothes which can be hard to quickly steam or spot clean. This means you can head into your meetings at the destination looking smooth and professional. These bags also often have handy pockets and compartment for other important items you need to keep an eye on, including business cards or important business notes. 

Roll rather than fold

For items that need to be stored in a suitcase it's best to roll your items instead of folding them. This prevents heavy creases which can be hard to remove with travel irons. This is also a good way to maximise the packing capacity of your luggage. Look to pack accessories such as socks and scarves in the corners of your luggage. 

Choose the right materials

Be smart about the materials of the clothes that you buy. Heavier dresses with a higher level of stretch in the knit or heavier weight suits and pants are often a great choice for women as these don't tend to crease as much and are less fussy about how they are packed. You will often not have access to washing machines on the road but will be relying on hotel cleaning services so it's a good idea to select materials that can either be handwashed effectively in a hotel basin or drycleaned through the hotel service. 

Treat your clothes with care

As soon as you get in the hotel room it's a good idea to hang up your clothes. The weight of hanging can often get rid of light creasing as well as any odours that have accumulated in the clothes from a day of wear. This can be a great way to get an extra day of wear out of clothing. Natural fibres, including cottons, wools and silks, can be aired out effectively this way while manmade fibres tend to cling to odours more. This shows again that choosing the right material can be extremely useful in your corporate climate. 

If you are looking to update your corporate wear to suit your travel schedule why not head into the clothing store for some new corporate wear?